Manage My Account

Saving regularly is an essential part of being a member of the credit union and couldn’t be easier. Payments in are made by salary deduction directly from payroll (if you are employed by one of our affiliated brigades) or by Standing Order. Making payments directly from your salary is a great way to save as you don’t get a chance to miss the money.

If you wish to deposit funds to your account outside of your regular savings contribution you can do so by cheque or bank transfer. Details of this can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

We have a range of savings accounts designed to meet your needs.

Membership Account - at the heart of your membership
Flexi Saver Account- for those with a bit more to save
Christmas Club - regular savings for Christmas or other special occasions

By making regular monthly contributions you’ll soon build up a healthy savings balance. You can access your account by visiting or telephoning the Credit Union office (during office hours) or online at our secure website. When you need your money, we can transfer the funds into a bank or building society account that you nominate.

We don’t pay interest on savings, instead as a not-for-profit business we can return a dividend to the members from any surplus we make. Dividends on savings accounts are calculated retrospectively and are declared and awarded annually at the Annual General Meeting.

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