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Loan Types

To see how much your monthly repayment would be, you can use our online calculator or contact us to discuss your requirements. You can also log in to apply online.

Loan applications are considered on a daily basis for members with no active loans and there is potential for the funds to be paid out the same day. If you already have a loan with us, please allow a few days from applying for the loan for it to be approved and the monies transferred to your bank account. To avoid disappointment, please ensure you make your application in plenty of time prior to requiring the money.

Loans are subject to the loan policy in place at the time of your application.

If you take out a loan with the credit union, we may attach your savings as security against the loan until the loan is repaid. How much of your shares must remain in the credit union is dependent on the loan policy in place at the time of share withdrawal application; not the policy in place when applying for a loan. Our loan policy is subject to change at any time.




Loan amount

Loan term


Eligibility for top up or consolidation

Everyday Loan

Active membership

£50 - £1,500

1 – 12 months


Top ups available

Member Loan

Minimum 3 consecutive monthly savings payments

£500 - £7,500

1 – 48 months

£500-£5,000 @ 17.2%

Over £5,000 @ 14.9%

Top ups available; minimum £500

Affiliate Loan

Minimum 3 consecutive monthly savings payments; must be on payroll deduction

£3,000 - £20,000

1 – 60 months

£3,000-£5,000 @ 12.6%

£5,001-£10,000 @ 9.4%

Over £10,000 @ 5.6%

Top ups available; minimum £3,000.

Consolidation available at start of loan only.

Non-Affiliate Loan

Minimum 6 consecutive monthly savings payments

£3,000 - £10,000

1 – 48 months


Top ups available; minimum £3,000.

Consolidation available at start of loan only.

Savers Loan**

Fully covered by unattached shares*** in Membership account

£2,000 - £20,000

1 – 60 months


Top ups available; minimum £2,000.


**This product is not available to those without savings equal to the amount required on loan.

***Unattached shares means savings that are not being used in the qualification for another loan, i.e. savings that are currently free to be withdrawn. For example: if you have £4,000 in savings and £1,500 must remain in your savings due other loans, only £2,500 of your savings is classed as unattached shares. To find out more about unattached shares please contact us.


Loan process: We process loans twice a week following the deadlines below:

- Monday 12:00h

- Wednesday 17:00h


If you currently do not have a loan outstanding, your loan will be assessed on the same day as long as it is received before 12:00h on a working day.

Please be aware that we cannot pay out any funds until we have received your signed loan agreement and amended standing order (if applicable).

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