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Holiday Loan

Our Everyday Loan is available to brand new members or existing member who have not saved consecutively with us in the last 3 months.

Your loan could be paid out within 1 day!*



Have made a minimum of a £6.00 to pay the membership fee and retain £1.00 in membership account to keep it open

Have provided us with a physical signed copy of their payroll authorisation form or standing order (If you are not with one of our Affiliated Brigades)

You can apply as soon as a membership number has been asigned to you (within 24 working hours from application submission)


 Holiday Loan




Loan amount: £100 - £1,500

Interest rate: 26.8% APR

Term: 12 months

Top ups: Yes



*Subject to meeting the criteria above and to have passed our online ID checks. If you did not pass them, you will be asked to provide proof of ID and proof of address to proceed. These can either be scanned and email to us or a clear picture showing it would also be fine.

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